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My name is Meshack Sang, a retired Kenyan athlete currently in Sports Mentorship and Skill development. I was an avid track and field competitor and registered very good times on track and road. I unfortunately managed only 66 in half marathon and slightly below 4 in the mile.

I have a background and passion is Sports development, Coaching and research with a footprint of my name at almost some of the best cutting age research and publications that appeared between the year 2009 – 2017. One of them is the famous barefoot running study which appeared on Nature paper–a study conducted by Harvard’s top human evolutionary biologist Professor Daniel Lieberman and world leading exercise Scientist Professor Yannins Pitsiladis from Glasgow university. The same study birthed the Sub 2 marathon project which later became the Ineos running 2 that was ran by Eliud Kipchoge in Vienna.

These studies that I have been part of was done here in Kenya in collaboration with medical physiologists and exercise scientists from Moi University School of Medicine at the Physiology Department where I’m attached. All these were done in the cradle of the running tribe (Nandi) at a village close to mine in the Riftvaley. The fitnessGram research which was published on the American Journal of Human Biology, and the Activity Levels and energy expenditure on PlosOne UK among others are on Fitness, Health and Recreation.

I have played a major role in some of the best Sports and Health related International Documentaries that has come along to answer the question and reason behind the amazing running performance of the east African Athletes. These are NHK japan, BBC, ESPN and Welsh TV. Other than these amazing activities, I have with passion served the communities across the running region at various capacities that included setting up and management of Sports Training camps, Centers and training programs that for the past 10yrs proven to be trans-formative.

I’m involved in the more than 800 student athletes who have or are receiving education across American and Canadian universities and community colleges. Working with the top academic experts in answering questions around sports performances and Health, has been my main engagement since I retired from this noble sport of running.